“I was looking for an active community that felt like home. It was also important to me to have an outside space – a door that opened into the hallway and also a door to the outside. When I walked into the first apartment, saw the kitchen and the balcony, I knew it would be my home.” She also say, “When I travel away from the area for a vacation with good friends, I feel a bit homesick for my Brookridge “family”!

 – Jo Ellen Scott


“When you consider that you are living among many different personality types, the camaraderie at Brookridge is amazingly good! Betty and I are exceedingly pleased at the quickness with which we were accepted into the community.”

 – Frank and Betty Joiner


“We prayed as we searched for a place to spend the rest of our lives. The staff was friendly, helpful, and followed through with every detail. Brookridge provided opportunities that would meet our physical, spiritual, emotional, and fellowship needs. We have maintenance-free living in our home which gives us more time to do what we like best. It was financially affordable. Our children were impressed with the facility. After almost four years we have never regretted our decision.”

 – Deryl and Ruth Holliday


“After living in Asheville area for 38 years, in 2009, Carlyle and I recognized our need to be nearer our children. Winston- Salem seemed the best location to be between them and not be in anyone’s back yard. We had a very good friend residing at Brookridge who recommended it and we considered being near her a plus. We wanted to be doubly sure so we looked at nine other places. We did not encounter the friendliness that had been shown at Brookridge.

It was difficult to leave our friends and church in Asheville but we were assured to be with new friends at Brookridge.”

– Mary Bledsoe


“When we first started thinking about how and where we would spend the rest of our lives, we wanted to make the choice TOGRETHER and to make it ourselves, not wait for someone to make it for us and then we put us in a place where we might not be happy.

We contacted Brookridge and Marketing sent us a package of material. They followed up by phone and invited us to come for a tour and meal. We were shown some houses and apartments; we noticed how friendly everyone was, including the staff. How could we not notice the beautiful trees and flowers!

The food was good, the cost was reasonable, and should our funds run out before out death, we would still have a home here. It was important, also, that should one or both of us become unable to take care of ourselves in Independent Living, we can transfer to Assisted Living, Health Care, or Memory Care. Rehab is available should we need it.

The staff worked with us to find the right garden home and made the changes we wanted. We were allowed to choose the colors of our walls and the carpet. We like the idea of not having a lot of different bills to pay, and not having to take care of maintenance on the building or yard. If you are looking for a fun, beautiful place to live, come to BROOKRIDGE. You will find friendly folks and lots of activities from which to choose.”

– Eunice Massey